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Calming esp. to the mind, grounds a scattered mind and improves memory, prevents drunkenness, boosts production of hormones, cleanses blood, reduces bruising, heals injuries, promotes sleep.

One of the most spiritual stones, promotes love of divine, opens intuition, centers & balances emotions, eases stress & anxiety, alleviates sadness and grief, opens to other dimensions & realities, sleeping with it facilitates out-of-body experiences.



Stress reducer, quiets the mind, good for sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid.

Stone of courage, harmonizing stone, invokes tolerance of others, aids in soul retrieval.

Botswana Agate

Treats insomnia, good fertility stone as it strengthens female reproductive organs.

Called the warrior stone, strengthens meditation, enhances psychic ability, grounding, heals fear, grief and hopelessness.



Reduces stress and calms the mind, cleanses the organs, encourages calcium uptake into bones, strengthens the bones, alleviates intestinal and skin problems, fortifies immunity, as an elixir heals skin, ulcers, warts, wounds.

Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy, cleanses negative energies, removes stagnant energy, stimulates psychic abilities, channeling and out-of-body, enhances emotional intelligence, cleans and reenergizes the chakras.


Stimulates metabolism, influences female reproductive organs and increases fertility, overcomes frigidity, heals low back, RA, neuralgia and depression, regulates body fluids, improves absorption of vitamins.

Grounding and restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity, cleanses other stones, used in ancient times to protect the dead of their journey, gives courage, motivates for success, enhances analytic abilities, powerful protection against envy &/or rage, calms anger.


Energizing stone, stimulates digestion, the spleen and pancreas, detoxifies the blood, balances thyroid, relieves constipation, removes cellulite, as an elixir helps female issues.

Powerful cleanser and regenerator, never needs cleaning, protects the aura, cleanse the chakras, opens intuition, balances subtle bodies, stone of abundance, raises self-esteem and self-confidence, helps retain wealth. 


Increases concentration, promotes quick thinking, assists balance and coordination, heals infections, benefits teeth, cells and bones, repairs DNA, regenerates skin especially in respiratory tract, pain reliever, removes blemishes and wrinkles.

Highly protective, especially on psychic level, cleanses and stabilizes aura, draws off negative energy, cleanses, purifies, heightens intuition, green fluorite releases emotional trauma.


Aids circulatory problems and blood conditions (anemia), supports kidneys in cleaning blood, regenerates tissue, promotes iron absorption, treats leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia, spinal alignment and fractures, as an elixir good for fevers.

Grounding and protecting stone, harmonizes mind-body-spirit, protects soul during out-of-body,  boosts self-esteem, overcomes addictions, treats overeating & smoking, good for studying, sharpens mind.


Supports circulatory, digestive and sexual organs, balances mineral content of body, prolongs sexual pleasure, aids in quick thinking, stimulates imagination.

Known as the supreme nurturer, supports during stress, unifies all aspects of life, aligns chakras, provides protection, absorbs negative energy, balances yin/yang, clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution.


Treats disorders of the eyes and brain, relieves stress, regulates metabolism, treats colds, gout, balances hormones, lowers blood pressure, relieves menstrual tension.

Called the angel stone helps one receive messages from angels, raises consciousness, highly protective, connects with universal energies, deflects unwanted energies, prevents energy leakage, stimulates psychic gifts and intuition, banishes fear and insecurities, reveals truths in life and one’s destiny, encourages patience.


Powerfully affects female reproductive cycle, alleviates menstrual problems, balances hormones, very calming stone.

Called stone of new beginnings, promotes intuition and enhances psychic ability, improves emotional intelligence and provides deep emotional healing.