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Our products are created from the highest quality of natural essential oils and semi-precious gemstones.  We only use natural essential oils not the synthetic versions.  The gemstones found within the aromatherapy spray bottles are the same gemstones used in making our energy bracelets.  They are pre-drilled and ready for you to make into your own custom jewelry.  We use Miron Violet glass bottles and jars which strongly protect the essential oils and holds the highest energy vibration,  thereby delivering the products in their optimal state – something next to magical.  We invite you to try one of our products today and see for yourself. THEY WORK! Just read some of the real life testimonials presented at the bottom of this page.  For further questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us via email.

Do you want more love?

How about more money and/or success?

Need more focus, better test scores, higher productivity?

Want to experience deep, restful sleep?

Want to turn your thoughts and environment from negative to positive?

We provide you with products that will help you achieve these desires.  Our products come in the form of aromatherapy and gemstones, both of which generate specific energetic frequencies that will attract, and promote, the specific change(s) you want in your life.

All of our products are formulated with an intention of serving others and we sincerely want everyone to realize their full potential and highest level of happiness.

We are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona serving all communities – domestic and abroad.
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Traditionally, an elixir was a remedy taken orally from water containing gemstones.  It is believed that the water takes on the powerful energetic properties of the gemstones and therefore, when ingested, transfers same to the person drinking the elixir.  Our sprays are based on the same principle of extracting the healing and transformative properties of the gemstones and delivering them to you, combined with the already powerful aromatherapy, thereby making them even more potent.

Simply spray them around you.  Once you inhale the aromatherapy, or rub it into your skin, it goes through your nose/skin and enters the limbic system of your brain where the transformation process begins and will last for up to 8 hours. Use as often as needed.

We have partnered with Snow Lotus Essential oils because they have over 25 years experience in sourcing exceptionally high quality essential oils from around the world.

We use all natural spring water because it alive, unlike distilled or other filtered waters.

We buy the highest quality of essential oils and semi-precious gemstones at the lowest cost so our products are affordable to everyone.  It is very important to us that everyone can gain access to these transformational tools and live an amazing life.

We see this as a great sign – that you are having a “breakthrough” in this area of your life.  It’s time to restring your bracelet or re-purpose the stones into new jewelry for yourself.  Watch for miracles!

Efficacy has been clinically proven for several of the essential oils used within our blends.  For example, three of the essential oils used in Focus are pumped into office buildings in Japan to improve efficiency and decrease mistakes.  In addition, the essential oils used in our Sleep spray have been clinical proven to improve sleep.  The real proof is using them and being witness to the changes that take place.

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