Do you benefit from aromatherapy if you lost your sense of smell ?

The experts are not totally agreeing here, and of course the are also different levels of the ability to smell, normally our strongest sense could also have been damaged due to a covid infection, but we will get back to that later, because there actually are some essential oils that might help you regain your sense of smell.

So how does aromatherapy work ? Most experts believe that when you experience certain smells it communicates with parts of your brain that stores emotions and memories. Here is a little silly example of how smells are stored in your memory, my husband bought an air fryer and put it to work, it smelled exactly like when I would walk into hotels in Southern Europe with my grandmother many, many years ago, great memories and obviously I love the air fryer. Unfortunately it can also bring back bad memories, like the scent of a long gone deadbeat partner, we could keep going.

So basically when you breathe in essential oils molecules it will stimulate parts of your brain and influence physical, emotional and mental health. So back to the headline, will aromatherapy work if I don't have a sense of smell ? The short answer is yes, unless the olfactory nerve is damaged, the inhaling of essential oils will still connect to your brain, and have an impact both psychologically and physiologically.

Of course for any of this to work, you need to use products that are all-natural, synthetic oils which are being used in many products, from low end to high end, mainly because of the increased cost of essential oils ( so if you see this amazing deal it's probably synthetic oils, don't buy it ) All-natural essential oils "don't hang around, like the smells in certain stores around for example Thanksgiving, you smell them ( unless ) and then they seem to disappear, well that's actually the sign of a good oil.

And what if you did loose your sense of smell, for whatever reason, here are some essential oil suggestions for you, but lets be earnest it's going to take a bit of commitment. For about 6 weeks, 4 times a day smell 4 different oils ( about 15 seconds per oil ) and here again expects disagree whether it should be specific oils or you can just choose on your own.

Our opinion is that you should choose your essential oils yourself, but definitely take a look at what's recommended, which are Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rose and Clove ( or Cinnamon ). Now you want only all-natural high quality oils and one of these ( Rose) is pretty pricy, but there are options, you can buy a kit from a company like MOXE and there you will find a convenient and inexpensive way to get back your sense of smell.