Stone Diffuser


Indulge yourself and improve your life using your strongest sense, your smell. Diffusing an essential oil blend allows you to transform a space by transforming the energy within it. If your space is overflowing with energy try diffusing a calming oil to lighten the energy and bring more peace to the environment and all those in it. If your space is dull, diffusing an energetic blend will bring focus and alertness to those present. The possibilities are endless with our tried and proven blends of all natural essential oils and semi-precious gemstones.

Enjoy aromatherapy anytime and anywhere. Our stone oil diffusers are easy to use and offers a cost effective and safe way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your home/office.  You can experiment with your own oils, use a single favorite oil or mix several, or you can use some of our other signature blends (so far we offer 8) either way, your home or office will not only smell amazing, but it will be most beneficial to your wellness concerns.
The ultrasonic stone diffusers with LED light and misting options looks like a piece of décor, so you can leave it out to use whenever you are looking to enhance the ambiance and atmosphere, in a natural, safe and clean way.

The internal parts is made of BPA-free plastic and the cover is ceramic.
Water tank has a capacity of 90 ml. ( best to use distilled water )
2 misting settings and lots of colors to choose from in the LED light settings.

How to use

1.Make sure the diffuser is turned off before you remove the cover.
2.Remove the ceramic cover and internal plastic lid.
3.Fill the water tank with maximum 90ml of water, and 10-20 drops of your Gem Elixirz diffuser oil blend.
4.Replace the plastic lid and porcelain cover before turning the diffuser on.
5.Choose your settings: you can select a consistent mist or intermittent scent bursts, and you can also choose to turn
on the LED light feature which gives off a soft glow in various colors.
6. The diffuser will turn off automatically after 4 hours running non stop and after 71/2 hours doing intermittent mist.

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