At Gem Elixirz were are proud to offer you a premium aromatherapy experience, our intentional based essential oil therapies are specifically blended and enhanced with gemstones to promote the desired intention. In our products (made and shipped from Arizona) we only use the highest quality all-natural essential oils, high quality semi-precious gemstones and in the sprays, natural spring water.

So how did it all start? The founder, a practitioner in eastern medicine, was mixing her own essential oil blends and using them with her acupuncture treatments, her clients loved them, and that inspired a small team of experts in aromatherapy, crystals, reiki and feng shui to come together, applying the principles of ancient medicine and wisdom to create the aromatherapy sprays or as we like to call them “Tools for Transformation”.

In 2010 after thorough research, the first 9 aromatherapy sprays were released and since then 9 more has been added for the total of 18 different blends, created for your well being. Our devotion to deliver a premium product doesn’t stop at the ingredients, to maintain the highest energy vibration and to strongly protect the essentials oils plus prolong product potency, we use violet glass for all our products. At Gem Elixirz we are sincerely committed to your well being, your health, your relationships, your success, everything creating a full and beautiful life, we want it and we want you to have it too. So set your intention and start spraying around.

“If you believe in Aromatherapy… it works! If you don’t believe in Aromatherapy… it works!” 

 Cristina Proano-Carrion