Do you love sugar scrub? We do and what’s not to love? You can pamper yourself with natural ingredients, and especially if you make it yourself, turn your bathroom into your own private spa at an extremely low
cost, and on top it’s very likely you won’t have to use a lot of other products to keep your skin healthy, smooth and flawless, no matter what climate you are residing in. Sugar scrub naturally exfoliates, scrubs away dead skin cells, protects your skin as sugar cane contains minerals, along with glycolic acids, that will not only make your skin glow, but keep toxins out. Sugar scrub is a natural anti aging remedy, and you can use it for your face or your body or both.
You can use the sugar scrub as it is, or you can add some all natural essential oils of your choice, or you can for a wonderful aromatherapy experience add drops from our diffuser oil gemstone blends and indulge yourself with the shower of Love, Shift ,Sleep, or any of our 8 intentional-based blends, so not only are you treating your skin, but your mind and spirit as well.

The best sugar scrub recipe:
2 oz Apricot kennel oil
1 oz fractionated coconut oil ( you can use regular coconut oil, but it will overpower the scent of the
essential oils)
½ oz Shea butter
½ oz Shea nut oil
some drops of vitamin E oil (don’t leave it out, you can use some vitamin E capsules)
10 oz sugar ( we suggest fine sugar, but you can use any kind you like)

How to make it
First mix all the oils and Shea butter thoroughly, then add sugar while stirring. Then mix in your essential oils little by little, don’t overdue it, you can always add more. If you are using our all natural essential oil blends, we suggest you start just adding 10 drops to 4 oz of sugar scrub. This recipe yields 12 oz of scrub, store in airtight containers and use it within a couple of months.

How to use
After washing with soap, shampoo and shaving, vet your body and or face, dry your hands a bit and then add a generous amount of sugar scrub and with circular motions gently scrub one body part at the time, be mindful, take your time. Rinse the sugar off and wait a minute before drying to let the oils soak into your skin, air dry if you have the time. Use as often as you like.