Abundance Aromatherapy Bracelet 6mm Beads


Our aromatherapy bracelet is made with the same specially selected gemstones as we use in our aromatherapy sprays. Selected because of the stone properties to achieve your goals and desires

All aromatherapy bracelets contain essential oil-absorbing lava stones that are 7.5 inches long and made of strong, durable stretchy string that fits most wrist sizes. A silver Reiki charm adorns all aromatherapy bracelets. The lava stones are healing as well providing extra grounding and protection.

Gemstones found in each Abundance aromatherapy bracelet:

  • Citrine, brings prosperity and success and helps keep the abundance that is drawn into your life.
  • Moss Agate attracts abundance.
  • Peridot removes blocks to abundance and grows wealth. Brings out your common sense and a deeper understanding of your destiny.
  • Tiger’s Eye helps you see opportunities and obtain goals. It’s a stone that enhances one’s self-confidence and courage.


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