Calm aromatherapy bracelet 6mm beads


Discover tranquility on the go with our exquisite Calm Aromatherapy Bracelet adorned with 6mm beads. Enjoy the soothing benefits of essential oils combined with stylish design for a serene experience wherever you are. Our aromatherapy bracelets are made with the same specially selected gemstones we use in our aromatherapy sprays. Selected because of the stone's properties in order to achieve your goals and desires All aromatherapy bracelets contain essential oil-absorbing lava stones and are 7.5 inches long and made of strong, durable stretchy string that fits most wrist sizes. A silver Reiki charm adorns all aromatherapy bracelets. The lava stones are healing as well providing extra grounding and protection. 

Gemstones found in each Calm aromatherapy energy bracelet:

Aquamarine heals and repairs the core soul, and aids in soul retrieval.
Green Flourite helps release emotional trauma.
Turquoise strengthens, opens, heals, and releases fear, grief, and sadness and helps alleviate panic attacks.
Rose Quartz is calming and reassuring, promotes forgiveness, and is especially useful in healing a trauma or crisis.

Description Calm aromatherapy energy bracelet :

Bracelet made with 6 mm semi-precious gemstone beads and oil-absorbing lava stones.

How to use:
Set your intentions, and place the bracelet on your left wrist. For maximum results combine the energy bracelet
with the aromatherapy spray.

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