Fertility aromatherapy spray with essential oils and gemstones


Starting a family is not on everybody’s wish list, and while it certainly is possible to live a full and happy life with adopted children, fur babies or none of the above, maybe it is on yours? Are you and your partner trying to conceive and has it proven to be difficult? Infertility can be all consuming and cause a lot of heartbreak, and really there is no magic pill or spray or anything to just fix it, that being said a lot of people find success when they look to a more natural approach such as acupuncture and aromatherapy, most often combined. As a matter of fact the creator of our Fertility blend was having, in spite of both her and her partner embracing a healthy lifestyle, difficulties conceiving, but are now blessed with 2 beautiful children.

Our aromatherapy spray Fertility in which are, among others, the all natural essential oils Melissa and Sandalwood and gemstones like Moss Agate and Moonstone and as all our products bottled in violet glass to maintain the highest energy vibration and to strongly protect the essential oils.


The all natural essential oils used in the aromatherapy spray Fertility are Melissa, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender and Sandalwood combined with natural spring water and the gemstones Moss Agate, Moonstone, Carnelian and Botswana Agate (read more about the gemstones below). This blend will balance hormones, boost reproductive health, relieve stress and encourage conception.

Gemstones found in each Fertility aromatherapy spray bottle:

  • Moonstone balances the hormonal system and powerfully affects the female reproductive cycle.
  • Moss Agate supports a healthy pregnancy and reduces delivery pain.
  • Botswana Agate promotes fertility.
  • Carnelian the symbol of life in ancient cultures, increases fertility.

Our favorite fertility quote:

“And you begin again sometimes you loose, sometimes you win, but you begin again. Even though your heart is breaking, in time the sun will shine and you begin again” Barry Manilow

How to use

Start by shaking the aromatherapy spray bottle to activate the gemstones, give yourself some time for a quiet moment, set your intention, spray on or around you and breathe. You should use this blend twice daily as you are trying to conceive and continue using to secure a healthy pregnancy. Other blends as Nausea Relief, Calm and Joy might be beneficial.

Additional information

50 ml. Bottled in violet glass. Shelf life up to 10 years. Weight 1 lbs.

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