Joy Aromatherapy Bracelet 8mm beads


Our aromatherapy bracelets are made with the same special selected gemstones as we use in our aromatherapy sprays. Selected because of the stones properties in order to achieve your goals and desires All aromatherapy bracelets contain essential oil absorbing lava stones and are 7.5 inches long and made of strong, durable stretchy string that fits most wrist sizes. A silver Reiki charm adorns all aromatherapy bracelets. The lava stones are healing as well providing extra grounding and protection.

Gemstones found in each Joy aromatherapy energy bracelet:

  • Aquamarine is a great stone to promote joy and playfulness, can help one to be in touch with their spiritual being and brings great peace and serenity.
  • Citrine is pure sunshine, promotes joy, love and abundance.
  • Amethyst is grounding, comforting and soothing stone in a truly uplifting way. Sweeps away negativity
  • Rose Quartz is the universal stone of unconditional love, it radiates warmth, comfort, love and joy.

Bracelet made with 8mm semi-precious gemstones beads and oil absorbing lava stones.

How to use:
Set your intentions, place the bracelet on your left wrist. For maximum results combine the energy bracelet
with the aromatherapy spray.

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